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2020 New Year's Day special event with
Patricia Albere dedicated to harnessing the divine forces of love and evolution in bringing forth new potentials of existence.


When we understand the difference between longing and desire our lives change.

Opening ourselves to longing, activates powerful forces that will move our lives and life itself towards higher possibilities of love and truth.

Longing arises from a dimension that is deeper than our individual sense of self - deeper than our souls. It arises from the unknown and comes through us into this world in a very particular way.

Longing comes from the divine forces of love and evolution, itself, bringing new potentials into existence. Something greater waits for us, its evolutionary forces need us to awaken and surrender to its power, love and creativity.

Longing has an interesting quality of creating restless and hunger for something we can’t explain.

Collectively we need to let ourselves long for a world that we can truly live in, as ourselves, as a new humanity.

  • What if it was possible for humanity to move beyond the divisiveness, narrow mindedness, selfishness, deceit, fear and laziness that we assume is human nature?

  • What if it was possible for humanity to exist inside a shared consciousness where love, kindness and compassion was normal?

  • What if our human ambition was collectively devoted to what I call ‘divinizing’ our world or making it more good, true and beautiful?

Can you sense the deeper evolutionary longing that is tired of power structures, insensitivity, competitiveness and other elements that we assume we have to live inside of with acceptance?

Real revolutions begin with awakened longing.

On New Year's Day, 2020, let's collectively welcome the longing we hold for the evolution of humanity, for the actualization of a higher order of human relatedness.

A whole new dimension of love and consciousness can shape our world arising from unity, intimacy and interconnectedness, if we can embrace it.

Longing leads us into the unknown, to something greater that is reaching towards us. Longing allows us to ‘grope’ our way forward and to be a vehicle for evolution.

Together, we will inquire into the hidden power of longing and activate new potentials for 2020.

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Together, we will explore:
  • Understand the powerful difference between desire & longing.

  • Move beyond acceptance and activate new realms of possibility.

  • Access the pull of the future for yourself individually from inside the evolutionary forces bringing forth a new world.

  • Learn how to open to the forward momentum/unfurling power arising from shared unity.

  • Discover your longing to live in a world based on integrity, love and shared unity.

In our two hour gathering online, via virtual video (Zoom) we will engage in various WE-Space practices that will integrate and catalyze the teaching. Everyone is welcome to join us...

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About Patricia Albere

In the world of spiritual enlightenment, people who have experienced awakenings almost always experience them individually – eyes shut, in quiet solitude. The spiritual paradigm of the last three thousand years has been singularly devoted to our individual salvation or solo enlightenment. Patricia Albere, uniquely experienced a sustained awakening that resulted in a different kind of realization, a unitive realization that happened with another. That shared awakening points to a new dimension of consciousness and an extraordinary possibility for humanity’s future. The consciousness mirrors the discoveries of quantum physics, and some have called this mutual awakening or unilocal realization. Patricia is perfectly positioned to bring forth the transmission, practices and perspectives that will allow us to awaken into shared unity together. Her work creates a powerful and palpable field of shared consciousness and love that reveals previously unimagined human potentials that can move humanity far beyond the limits of personal growth or self-development and into mutual awakening. Patricia is an internationally known spiritual teacher, visionary and the founder of the Evolutionary Collective and bestselling author of EVOLUTIONARY RELATIONSHIPS: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Mutual Awakening.