Unity Deep Dive – Join me this Sunday for Thresholds of Unity

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On Sunday’s WE-Map it was pure joy to have the Evolutionary Collective Core join us for a deep dive into shared unity. 

At the beginning of our practice on Sunday I took a couple minutes to share about the Evolutionary Collective Core and what makes participating in it so distinct. I’d love to share with you what I said here:


I’ll be speaking about the four thresholds of unity and how the Core functions inside the third threshold Sunday, March 21st at a free, online, free event titled Thresholds of Unity: Explore the Radical Potentials Beyond Personal Transformation. Plus I’ll be sharing more about the Core itself and the pathway into living inside this level of unity. 

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This is an exciting time of revelation and opening to the potentials of living unity. I look forward to sharing more with you about all that this Sunday, March 21st. 

In Unity, 


Patricia Albere
Evolutionary Collective Founder
Author or Evolutionary Relationships