How (and why) human beings can move beyond separateness

By Patricia Albere

In a recent meeting with Carolyne Mathlin, the Evolutionary Collective Executive Director, we were talking about my upcoming Beyond Me to We Workshop on Monday, September 28th. Then she asked me: 

In light of these times and all the challenges we are facing in the world, why, particularly, is what you’ll be talking about so relevant to people, especially if they haven’t come to a Beyond Me To We workshop this year?

This was my answer…

We are living in a seminal moment. There is a possibility for actual living shared unity that has never before existed. 

Please plan on joining me for this very important conversation.

I’ll be sharing more about the quantum jump from individual orientation to a unitive orientation and the Mutual Awakening practice that reliably helps you cross that  threshold 

The 75 minute, free Beyond Me to We workshop is on Monday, September 28th starting at 9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time.

Reserve Your Free Spot in our Upcoming Beyond Me to We Workshop and plan on joining LIVE. 

To realizing our highest potentials,

Patricia Albere





Author of Evolutionary Relationships
Founder of The Evolutionary Collective

P.S. If you can’t make it live, but still want the content I cover during the workshop, go ahead and register anyway. The workshop is recorded and will be sent out the next day.